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We are seeking a Volunteer, Experienced Programs Director to develop, execute, and manage all organization’s current and future educational programs, including the Anual Launch Awards, Fundraising Program, and Educational Events Series.

The Program Director works with the nonprofit, supporting the Foundation’s mission by developing communication and helping to plan and execute events and educational programs.

Key Responsibilities:

• Work closely with the Executive Director and other key Board of advisers to enhance the Award Launch Program model to allow future growth.

• Create and nurture a broad and diverse network of organizations, business owners, mentors, and advisors

• Managed day-to-day program operations for the organization.

• Plan, execute, and evaluate all Launch Program activities.

• Write, update and manage grant agreements and budgets, including monitoring grant compliance

• Maintain and strengthen relationships with program partners; build new partnerships with organizations that can further support the Women and Children Transformation Ministry International.

• Oversee program impact and data collection and regularly present program performance status to Executive Director

• Design and execute volunteers engagement strategy.

• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned or needed

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