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Women & Children Transformation Ministry International Identifies With Widows and Elderly During Christmas Celebration

Gadernesville- Several widows and elderly folks, within the Chicken Soup Factory Community in Gardnesville area, have benefitted from the distribution of assorted food items from a Faith-Based organization with its branch operating in the country, Women and Children Transformation Ministry International.

The items include several bags of rice, oil, and bags of onion, which the organization said is its way of identifying with this population during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Speaking during the distribution over the weekend, Women and Children Transformation Ministry International Coùntry Director, Abraham Snorton the donation is a nonpolitical gesture from its Chief Executive Officer, Pastor Cecelia Snorton for a specific group of people.

However, according to him, the donation is not the last, but a part of other initiatives that has been taking place and will continue for widows and the elderly in years ahead.

“Please, we want you to receive it with happiness and that bigger things are ahead,” Pastor Snorton noted.

He noted that the vision of the organization is to engage in cordial collaborative client-centered partnership with humanitarians, goodwill individuals, academic institutions, and the media among others to inspire the next generation to provide Christian faith-based services in their communities.

Moreover, Pastor Abraham Snorton noted that the organization has a mission to support women and children by helping them become self-sufficient, training them to discover their values and purpose, and reconstructing their lives among others.

Besides, the donation he said: “Women & Children Transformation Ministry International, Inc.’s mission is to support women and children by helping them become self-sufficient, training them to discover the values and purpose in themselves and reconstruct their lives, and deal with their hurt, failures, and learn everyday life tools.”

Also speaking at the donation, the International Volunteer and Media Director of Women & Children Transformation Ministry International William G.T. Snorton Jr. noted that the gesture is the starting of greater things ahead, stating that he is excited to be with them in Liberia.

Mr. William G.T. Snorton Jr. added that the items were distributed to the Christians and Muslims, and individuals of other denominations within the chicken soup factory community.

“There is a need to add smiles on the faces of women and children; some of whom, sometimes find it difficult to get food during the Christmas season,” William G.T. Snorton Jr. maintained.

The Women & Children Transformation Ministry International said it intends to provide services and developmental programs that will help achieve financial self-sufficiency and to provide mentoring, spiritual enhancement courses, and biblical counseling that will help each woman and child to discover their self-worth and potential among others. the program, he added, will target single women ages 18 and up and young children who are low-income earners and are unwed mothers; or have been displaced and lost housing or income due to marital breakup, loss of employment, or death of loved ones.

On November 26, the organization also conducted a health workshop for students on Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and Hygiene. During the training, the Women Representative of the WCTMI Liberia organization who is an RN, BSN, Marion Harris told participants that the practice of hygiene was essential and should always be practiced. The organization also distributed over 400 pieces of COVID-19 Preventive materials such as antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, and face masks to students at various schools in the Chicken Soup Factory and Helping Hand Clinic in Bong County.

GALLERY: Nonprofit raises money for children in Africa

November 6, 2019, at 5:19 pm

A local nonprofit, Women and Children Transformation Ministry International recognized community leaders at a fundraising banquet Oct. 26 at The Outlook Banquet Hall. Founded by Pastor Cecelia T. Snorton in New Jersey in 2009 and continued in Delaware in 2013, WCTMI aims to support women and children through tutorial services, life skills development, academic programming, and social and economic development. The funds from the banquet will help buy feminine hygiene products for teenage girls in Zambia and support clean water efforts for WCTMI’s sponsored children in Liberia.


Feeding Program

WCTMI together with Calvary Revival Worship Center in Dover, Delaware provides lunches for the students. For some of the students, this is their only meal for the day.


 WCTMI provided the girls with sanitary pads for three months

Empowering women from Dover to Africa

Women and Children Transformation Ministry International Inc. is a nonprofit in Dover that has helped create a school for 300 children in Liberia, provided sanitary pads for teenagers in Zambia and helped women earn their college degree in Delaware.

Ever since founder Cecelia Snorton and her son started tutoring students in her home in Liberia, she has been dreaming up bigger ideas to help women and children across the globe.

To fund these dreams, she’s starting local.

A red-carpet fundraiser in Dover will honor community leaders Saturday, Oct. 26 at 5 p.m.

The Community Awards Banquet at The Outlook at the Duncan Center, 500 West Loockerman Street, is open to all.

The honorees include keynote speaker Bishop W. James Thomas, senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church; the Rev. Leandra Marshall, vice president of development and outreach at the Delaware Multicultural and Civic Organization; the Hon. Nicole Alston-Jackson, a Kent County magistrate judge; Ralph L. Taylor Jr., 2nd District councilman; Pastor Donald Ashley, Greater Life Christian Church; and the Rev. Shonda R. Greene, WCTMI general secretary.

“We want them to know that we appreciate them for their hard labor and love they have shown in their various communities,” Snorton said.

In addition to donations, Snorton said she hopes the fundraiser inspires the community to get involved as volunteers and sponsors.

Sanitary pads saving lives

One of the most urgent needs in East Africa is sanitary pads for teenage girls. When teenage girls get their period in Zambia, they cannot attend school and are often isolated, pushed into the outskirts of town, Snorton said.

“It’s something that they didn’t really talk about [about] over there,” she said. “These children are coming down with infections because of what they use for sanitary pads, and they were dying.”

In July, WCTMI provided the girls with sanitary pads for three months, but that supply will run out. They are accepting financial or in-kind donations to cover supplies and shipping costs.

Women and Children Transformation Ministries International Inc. holds 6th Annual Women & Youth  Summit May 17-18, 2019

Women and Children Transformation Ministries International Inc. of Dover held its sixth annual Women and Youth Summit on May 17-18 at the Calvary Revival Worship Center, with the theme of “Coming Back From A Setback.”

More than 40 women and youth came together for prayer, panel discussions and encouragement from local/regional speakers. Topics of discussion included “Bridging The Generational Gap,” goal setting, parenting issues, sex trafficking, and mental health.

WCTMI Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose vision is to support and transform the lives of women and children by empowering them to become self-sufficient in the U.S. and abroad, with a mission of providing physical, educational and spiritual support to transform the lives of women and children as they build a stable lifestyle to fulfill their life’s purpose.

For more, call 241-8615, or visit

Women and Children Transformation Ministry International holds backpack drive

Women and Children Transformation Ministry International Inc. held a back-to-school community backpack drive on Aug. 11 at Kings Cliffe Park in Dover.

The nonprofit is seeking to better the lives of women and children locally and globally.

Pastor Cecelia Snorton Addresses Dover Colonial Rotary Club

5/15/2018---Pastor Cecelia Snorton, Founder/CEO of Women and Children Transformation Ministry International (WCTM) recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club. Pastor Snorton, formerly from Liberia West Africa, began her presentation with the statement: “Don’t just sit there, do something,” which is their adopted slogan. She then proceeded to illustrate how her group is making a difference in three countries, namely in the U.S., Liberia and Zambia, East Africa.

The aim of WCTM is to build the lives of women and children by helping them to become self-sufficient. The target groups are single women and young children from low income earners, many of whom are unwed mothers. Others have been displaced, lost housing or income due to marital breakup, or loss of employment. Some have completed drug treatment programs, and some of the children have been victimized by parental separation, abuse or abandonment. Tears came to her eyes as she was talking about these individuals as it reminded her of her own situation, when she lost a son in the Liberian civil war, and another son through a disease which could have been prevented had help been available.

In this country, life skill mentoring classes are offered. These involve such skills as cooking, housekeeping, managing personal finances, health and nutrition etc. Pastor Snorton pointed out that currently the focus of her group in this country is upon Kent County, Delaware.

In addition, WCTM is partnering with Bellata Village in Liberia, where the population has no school, no toilet facility, no running water and a lack of nearby clinic. Needless to say, diseases and high mortality rates are rampant. The children often have to forage into garbage cans for food for instance. In Zambia, the local school as no building. Classes are literally conducted on the street. Her group has provided floor mats, but there is a dire need for chairs and desks in addition to a school with a roof over the students’ head.

Reverend Snorton informed the group that on May 12, 2018, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Calvary Worship Center, located at 1028 Lafferty Lane in Dover, there will be a Woman & Children Empowerment Tea, the purpose of which is to provide a platform to these individual to come together in a fun, inviting and positive atmosphere, to uplift, encourage, and support one another.

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